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Personal: Tye Tribbett & Fred Hammond Concert » Damion Dunlap Photography
  • Time For Some Bloggage!

    Yeah, I know it's not a word but around here, that's how I roll. Welcome to the blog of Damion Dunlap, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Panama City Beach, FL. I'm a proud father of three who first started in photography to capture those special moments in the lives in my little people. I try my best to keep things simple yet elegant in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy.

Personal: Tye Tribbett & Fred Hammond Concert

The family went out to Wild Adventures yesterday to enjoy the concert with Tye Tribbett & Fred Hammond and had a great time.  The kids got to play at the water park and ride some rides and I brought the camera gear along in the van just in case.  I’m glad I did because we had pretty good seats and I was able to grab a couple of cool shots that I couldn’t wait to share.  I love photography and especially shooting weddings but it’s nice to shoot something just because I want to, every once and a while.  It’s back to wedding image editing for now.  Make sure to check out my facebook page  at www.facebook.com/ddunlapphotography.  I should have some more concert images uploaded there in a few days.