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Wedding: Heather & Roger » Damion Dunlap Photography
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    Yeah, I know it's not a word but around here, that's how I roll. Welcome to the blog of Damion Dunlap, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Panama City Beach, FL. I'm a proud father of three who first started in photography to capture those special moments in the lives in my little people. I try my best to keep things simple yet elegant in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy.

Wedding: Heather & Roger

I had to wonderful privilege of photographing the intimate and elegant nuptials of Heather and Roger in beautiful Apalachicola, Florida.  It was an honor to be the only non-family member in attendance and I truly felt more of a guest than just a photographer.  I really shouldn’t blog after my editor (wife) has turned in for the night so I’ll keep it brief and simple.  Enjoy!

December 3, 2015 - 9:36 am

Jaqueline - pspan class=”comment-author”Kristin King span-/span /spanI would absolutely LOVE to have this for my hnbasud and I. He is my hero, my best friend, my rock, my heart. He saved me from a very bad situation with a very mean person, and showed me how I was supposed to feel. He took in my children as they were his own and shows us an indescribable kind of love every day. I want to capture as many moments with him as I possibly can. I can’t get enough of his love!!/p