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Damion Dunlap Photography is hosting a headshot photography event exclusively for Panama City’s ministry community. All pastors, preachers, ministers, prophets, evangelist, and psalmist are invited to take this opportunity to get a professional headshot.

I still consider myself new to the Panama City area but I don’t plan to be a stranger for much longer.  One thing that I’ve noticed in my brief 3 years here is that very few of our local pastors and ministers have professional headshots.  With the introduction of our amazing Power 104.3, local churches and ministries are able to better network and reach the community concerning upcoming events yet many of the promotional materials are full of cell phone snapshots that may be great for Instagram but are not ideal for promoting events and conferences.  Let me get off my soap box and simply say that this event is being hosted exclusively for the ministry leaders of Panama City and the surrounding areas to at least start to resolve this issue.

My Style: Natural ~ Editorial ~ Classic

First and foremost my style is about capturing the personality of the subject.  I work hard to help my clients feel comfortable so we can capture the look that works for them.  I typically use a large screen display during my studio headshot sessions so that clients can learn what poses, expressions, and angles work best for them.  My aim is to produce headshots that are versatile and timeless yet modern so you won’t find any drapes or blotchy cloud backdrops here.  When was the last time that you saw a blotchy background on a magazine cover?  I use primarily white and black backgrounds for headshots because it focuses the attention on the subject in addition to the fact that the images can be used virtually anywhere and it makes the job of graphic designers extremely easy.  While I’m all about being modern, you won’t see any Instagram filters or weird colors in my photography.  There is a time and place for such effects but headshots should be classic and timeless.  I produce “real” images and leave the treatments to designers so that you can potentially get many looks from each image as styles change.

Package Options

We have put together special pricing for this event to suit everyone from the pastor who only needs one versatile headshot for the church website or Facebook to the individual who is needs photographs for an upcoming book, conferences and events, as well as social media.


$1001 image
$1001 image
  • (1) High Resolution Digital Image
  • 20 Minute Session
  • 1 Look
  • Additional Images $60/each
  • Unlimited Print Release
  • White Backdrop


$2505 images
$2505 images
  • (5) High Resolution Digital Images
  • 30 Minute Session
  • 2 Looks
  • Additional Images $50/each
  • Unlimited Print Release
  • White Backdrop


$35010 images
$35010 images
  • (10) High Resolution Digital Images
  • 45 Minute Session
  • Unlimited Looks
  • Additional Images $40/each
  • Unlimited Print Release
  • White + Black Backdrops

Sessions for this event will be held in my Panama City Beach home studio.  Additional details and directions will be provided upon booking.


I’ve had the opportunity to connect with and photograph some amazing people in our community including Pastor and Business – Coach Zenovia Andrews, Musician and Minister/Prophet Chris Watts aka POPE, and Prophetess Trish M just to name a few.  Check out some of my recent headshot work and portfolio below.  I’m still holding out on some of my best and latest work until my clients release their latest projects. I can’t wait!

Panama City Beach Headshot Photography: Zenovia Andrews

I’ve probably had more inquiries regarding this

Panama City Beach Music Artist Headshot Photography | Chris Watts

Chris and I finally got together for a session before

Portrait: Tamecia

Ok, so I have this cousin who’s interesting in

Portraits: Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons

I had the pleasure of photographing the Pastor O.


Panama City Beach Headshot Photography: Zenovia Andrews http://ddunlapphotography.com/2013/headshots/panama-city-beach-headshot-photography-zenovia-andrews/ http://ddunlapphotography.com/2013/headshots/panama-city-beach-headshot-photography-zenovia-andrews/#comments Mon, 20 May 2013 11:56:07 +0000 http://ddunlapphotography.com/?p=2364 I’ve probably had more inquiries regarding this group of headshots than anything I’ve photographed.  Zenovia is not only my pastor but an amazing woman of God, captivating speaker and author, and phenomenal life coach.  She has truly been a blessing to my family and it was an honor to photograph her headshots leading up to the launch of her first book Max Out: I Want It All.  Zenovia has featured these images on her book cover, blog, banners, facebook, and radio promos but for some reason, I’ve never gotten around to sharing these images until now.  Zenovia has recently launched out with her daily radio show on Panama City’s own Power 104.3 and I’m honored to be her guest this afternoon, so tune in this afternoon at 2pm CST.

http://ddunlapphotography.com/2013/headshots/panama-city-beach-headshot-photography-zenovia-andrews/feed/ 1
Okaloosa Island Beach Wedding Photography: Minto & Brianna http://ddunlapphotography.com/2013/weddings/okaloosa-island-beach-wedding-photography-minto-brianna/ Mon, 20 May 2013 11:38:45 +0000 http://ddunlapphotography.com/?p=2311 I’ve recently had the opportunity to photograph my first beach wedding 2nd shooting for the amazing Sonja Revells and I had an absolute blast.  I take wedding photography seriously and was fortunate to have the opportunity without the pressure of being the primary photographer to get my head around beach weddings.  Minto & Brianna are an absolutely beautiful couple and a good time was had by all.  Enjoy some of my favorite images from the evening.

Panama City Beach Wedding Photography: Christian & Amanda http://ddunlapphotography.com/2013/weddings/panama-city-beach-wedding-photography-christian-amanda/ Sat, 18 May 2013 12:25:33 +0000 http://ddunlapphotography.com/?p=2379 Christian & Amanda had an absolutely beautiful wedding at the Panama Country Club in Lynn Haven, FL.  More important than the beauty of the ceremony and reception was the beauty of their relationship.  Having been married over 10 years myself, it’s cool to see young love that is so true and genuine.  These guys are just really cool people and I enjoyed myself and got some cool images along the way.  Enjoy!

Wedding: Heather & Roger http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/weddings/wedding-heather-roger/ http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/weddings/wedding-heather-roger/#comments Mon, 09 Apr 2012 04:32:15 +0000 http://ddunlapphotography.com/?p=991 I had to wonderful privilege of photographing the intimate and elegant nuptials of Heather and Roger in beautiful Apalachicola, Florida.  It was an honor to be the only non-family member in attendance and I truly felt more of a guest than just a photographer.  I really shouldn’t blog after my editor (wife) has turned in for the night so I’ll keep it brief and simple.  Enjoy!

http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/weddings/wedding-heather-roger/feed/ 1
Weddings: Lewis & Kenya http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/weddings/weddings-lewis-kenya/ http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/weddings/weddings-lewis-kenya/#comments Sun, 25 Mar 2012 18:05:12 +0000 http://ddunlapphotography.com/?p=949 This one was a big one for me.  I had the honor and privilege to photograph the wedding of not only a friend but my wedding photography mentor.  I was honestly afraid of weddings until I convinced Lewis to let me tag along him for a bit and learn the ropes.  So when asked me to photograph his wedding to lovely Kenya (who happens to be an amazing wedding and event coordinator), I once more was a little bit afraid.  But I got through it and even though the weather became a bit of a challenge, it was a beautiful event and am truly happy with was I was able to capture through the day.  Enjoy!

http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/weddings/weddings-lewis-kenya/feed/ 1
Engagement: Bill & Mara http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/engagements/engagement-bill-mara/ http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/engagements/engagement-bill-mara/#comments Sat, 18 Feb 2012 05:12:33 +0000 http://ddunlapphotography.com/?p=930 I’m in catch up mode and I decided that it’s about time I blog the first beach engagement session that I was blessed to shoot.  It was great to have such a wonderful couple to work with although I wish they could’ve waited until things warmed up a bit.  Bill and Mara were definitely adventurous to brave the frigid December waters but who am I to stop them.  And if anyone is wondering about the fancy getups, Bill is non other than Bill Science of the Science Brothers (www.sciencebrothers.org) and Mara is an avid diver.  We shot the most of the session at St. Andrew’s State Park in Panama City Beach, FL and I think I’ve found my new favorite spot.  It’s rare to get so many different settings all at one location but we still ended up at Pier Park to close things out.  Enjoy!

http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/engagements/engagement-bill-mara/feed/ 2
Engagement: Heather & Roger http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/engagements/engagement-heather-roger/ Thu, 16 Feb 2012 19:14:41 +0000 http://ddunlapphotography.com/?p=908 Fortunately before all this cold weather hit lovely Panama City Beach, I had the great opportunity to photography a lovely couple to celebrate their engagement and upcoming wedding.  They found a wonderful spot on Florida State University’s Panama City campus that had some cool scenes to work with and I had a great time.  They did however throw me a big curve ball when they wanted to get their “classic” dodge involved in the shoot.  I ended up breaking out the big lights to make it work but in the end it resulted in my favorite shot of the afternoon.  I can’t wait until their wedding next month.

Panama City Beach Music Artist Headshot Photography | Chris Watts http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/headshots/panama-city-beach-music-artist-headshot-photography-chris-watts/ http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/headshots/panama-city-beach-music-artist-headshot-photography-chris-watts/#comments Mon, 13 Feb 2012 14:25:40 +0000 http://ddunlapphotography.com/?p=902 Chris and I finally got together for a session before his big album release and I couldn’t wait to share my favorite image.  His new website is launching any day now so check it out when you get a chance at www.globalvocalent.com.

Chris Watts new album "Humility Before Honor"

http://ddunlapphotography.com/2012/headshots/panama-city-beach-music-artist-headshot-photography-chris-watts/feed/ 1
Video: Lisa & Myron http://ddunlapphotography.com/2011/videos/video-lisa-myron/ http://ddunlapphotography.com/2011/videos/video-lisa-myron/#comments Mon, 05 Sep 2011 06:49:17 +0000 http://ddunlapphotography.com/?p=888 It’s been a good minute since I’ve posted a video but I finally finished my editing backlog so I figured that I would have at it.  Feel free to check out the complete online gallery on my proofing site at http://proofs.ddunlapphotography.com/Weddings/Lisa-Myron if you are so inclined.

http://ddunlapphotography.com/2011/videos/video-lisa-myron/feed/ 1
Wedding: Lisa & Myron http://ddunlapphotography.com/2011/weddings/wedding-lisa-myron/ http://ddunlapphotography.com/2011/weddings/wedding-lisa-myron/#comments Mon, 04 Jul 2011 23:24:57 +0000 http://ddunlapphotography.com/?p=812 I was so ecstatic to be shooting my very first Panama City wedding and it just put me over the top to be there to celebrate alongside a good friend from Tallahassee. Honestly, it was a bit much having back-to-back wedding weekends with a Ph.D. dissertation sandwiched between but it was all worth it. Lisa and Myron as well as their families are just overall cool people and it was a pleasure just to be in the building. If I recall correctly, these two love birds go back to high school and I don’t know if I’ve seen a groom so happy to be married as Myron was on that beautiful Saturday morning. Ok I’ll have to stop myself here and get to the images because I can go on and on. Enjoy!

http://ddunlapphotography.com/2011/weddings/wedding-lisa-myron/feed/ 1
Wedding: Sam & Staci http://ddunlapphotography.com/2011/weddings/wedding-sam-staci/ Sat, 25 Jun 2011 07:55:48 +0000 http://ddunlapphotography.com/?p=768 Sam and Staci are a beautiful couple and it was an absolute joy to be their along with their great friends and family to celebrate the beginning of the next phase of their relationship. Ok, I don’t want to be a slacker but I’m between back-to-back weddings with a Ph.D. dissertation defense in the middle so I’m just going to get to the images.